5 Ways To Know How To Lift Kettlebells

With Kettlebells, believe it or not, the difference between proper, comfortable technique and ineffective, painful technique can sometimes be hard to determine! Here are 5 sure fire ways to put yourself on the right path to safe and fulfilling progression:

1. Pinch The Nickel! This is really the true foundation of kettlebell training, it is the act of holding everything together by thinking about glute and ab engagement, in other words bracing your butt and your gut. This encourages more muscles to work during lifts and it protects the joints and low back at all stages of movement. Here’s an article on how to do that…

2. Choose The Right Brand. All Kettlebells are not created equally, some have handles that are too small, or too big, or too rough, or too smooth. To avoid a number of aggravations, from chipping paint to torn up hands and busted wrists, use KETTLEBELLS USA. With KBUSA, you know that whatever style of Kettlebell you choose, and yes there are even different styles of Kettlebells, whichever you choose it is going to be absolute quality every single time.

3. Keep Things Simple. Make sure that you approach your training as a study, especially if you are working on your own or learning without a trainer. Pick 2 or 3 exercises to “master” and focus on perfecting progressions with those exercises. When it comes to Kettlebells, chances are that getting really good at performing one or 2 movements is going to give you the foundations for many of the other exercises, and make getting good at those a lot easier too.

4. Only Accept Good Form. Repetitions should feel consistent and comfortable from the first to the last. Obviously movements will take effort if you are working at the right capacity, especially the last repetitions of a drill, but with KB training you always want to make sure that your last rep is always your best rep- that is when good technique matters most, since fatigue makes a lifter more susceptible to injury. At no time should your technique lead to pain, if it hurts at all then you may be doing it wrong. You want to feel that you are always in control of the kettlebell and never the other way around.

5. Find Experienced Kettlebell Instruction. Having someone to work through the foundations of the practice with you can stream line your exposure to corrections and adjustments, while covering a lot of ground on improving technique in a short amount of time. All too often do I meet individuals who have been working with Kettlebells for some time but have never gotten the foundations of the program, and so their confidence in their ability is low and the idea of progressing from where they are to heavier weights is not easy to imagine. By working with an instructor who is experienced at taking people through progressions you can create the most enjoyable experience, knowing that what you are doing is having an enormous affect on your personal ability and physical confidence.

There are certainly other ways to know how to lift Kettlebells, joining a group class and soaking up as much of the instruction as you can, or web consulting and submitting videos of your form and technique. These 5 ways to know how to lift Kettlebells are simply good for keeping yourself safe and moving in the right direction. If you ever have questions about what you are doing then reach out and contact an experienced instructor and ask for some guidance, I’m sure it will have a positive impact . Enjoy!

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