Advanced Kettlebell Training Clinic

To any experienced Kettlebell lifters in Vermont and New Hampshire,

I will be instructing an Advanced Kettlebell Training clinic for the members of Green Mountain CrossFit(Berlin, VT) on April 28th, 2012, 12-2pm, and I would like to extend this training opportunity to folks out there who have been lifting Kettlebells and would like to improve upon form. For just $30.00, learn training techniques and practice principles for the Kettlebell Snatch, KB Press Variations, and Turkish Get Ups. Participants will need at least a few months training with Kettlebells, so contact North Country Kettlebells if you are interested.

First spots will go to GMCF members so space may be limited, but if you want in then let me know and I will get you in. I hope that you, or someone that you know, will enjoy this chance to train along side other KB lifters of similar experience and learn the specifics behind training to perform some of the Kettlebells’ most fundamental lifts. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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