Empowerment Through Exercise

Imagine this, what if the purpose of exercising and working out were actually meant to recharge the battery and not to drain it, and that when we performed our hardest workouts we felt stronger and more energized immediately after… Huh?

Well, it’s like this. What I’ve found in my programming is that the majority of people who come to me really just want to feel better from the work that they are doing, not worse. For myself, I often ask what is the point of participating in an exercise program that leaves me feeling unable to function for 2 or 3 days before I feel like I can do it again, only to see the same result. Personally, I don’t want my training cycles to leave me with any days of inactivity, especially at the expense of my day to day activities. At the same time I do want to be challenged by what I am doing, and I want to progress, so how do I get there?

It’s quite simple actually. In training, I have to make it so that my body wants more of what I’m giving to it when I’m finished, the goal here is to make sure that I’m leaving myself feeling stronger from what I am doing in the moment, and not exhausted by it like I can’t do anymore.

This way of training, I have to admit, is not for everyone. In fact, I can think of a lot of people off the top of my head who would be completely turned off by the idea. But, for people who want to leave the gym or an exercise session feeling better physically then when they started, it is the perfect way to go.

I work very hard in my workouts, and I work very close to my capacity, but I work in such a way that my body deems it possible to work this hard without failure- then it wants to do even more, and not in 3 days, but tomorrow. The way I see it, my life is not about going hard until I am laid up and can’t go hard for a few days, and then going hard again with the same result. As I see it, my life is about not diminishing my abilities in an attempt to improve them.

I’ll finish by saying this, let us keep ourselves safe and feeling good about what we’re doing, without injury and without forced inactivity. This is what I’ve done for myself, and for my students and clients, and it seems to be working really well so far. Enjoy!

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