Get Stronger Now

Throughout my time as a Kettlebell Trainer I have watched a lot of people get stronger, sometimes over long periods of time, sometimes seemingly in an instant.

Regardless of how long it has taken in my work, something that is always constant, no matter what, is that people do get stronger. To be honest, I have to say that this does not come with an easy task. Some bodies aren’t necessarily conditioned to being strong yet, therefore this creates a certain level of caution when working towards new found and uncharted limits.


This is akin to stumbling over a ledge, if you can catch yourself or are durable enough to take the fall then you get a learning experience from which to grow, i.e. watch your step.

But if you don’t catch yourself and you cant take the impact of the fall then let’s just say “that that’s the end of that chapter”.

In simple weightlifting terms, if you overdo something, whether the weight or the reps, you either have to be strong enough to recover from going too far or you have to be able to sustain the injury without catastrophic effect.

All of this is pointing to the fact that getting stronger, depending on who you are, is either a gradual progression of checks and balances, or your body is just ready to be strong.

My personal favorite to start with is the person who has been dabbling with Kettlebell training already on their own, these people when introduced to the true foundations of of the practice can seemingly double the amount of weight that they are able to work with in a single session. PREACH.

I’m actually not gonna keep you longer then to say this. When I say “Get Stronger Now”, it’s not an order it’s just what we offer, to anybody who wants to develop, build, maintain, or increase their personal ability through exercise. When I say “strength to last a lifetime” or “strong for life”, I don’t mean like for what life has in store for you, although that is true and implied, when I say “Strong For Life” I mean strong for the rest of your life!

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