International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation

This past weekend I attended the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation Level 1 Trainer Certification course. I have been to a few Kettlebell certifications now and the IKFF definitely provides top notch education for the experienced lifter. The course was led by Ken Blackburn, who is an incredible resource for applied Kettlebell Training techniques, and who I look forward to training with again soon.

One of the many concepts that I took form the weekend was increased work capacity. For me, this training has been a huge jump forward in how I train myself and also represents an advancement in my ability as a Kettlebell Trainer. I went into this certification knowing that my knowledge would increase but without a real idea for how that knowledge would increase my overall ability.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to further my education of traditional Kettlebell lifting through the IKFF, and look forward to continued implementation of these advancements into North Country Kettlebells’ training program design.

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