Kettlebell Juggling Progression

In Kettlebell training, it’s hard to progress far unless you are constantly pushing your strength edges and repeatedly pressure testing your ability to control heavier Kettlebells. This is truest with juggling Kettlebells.

By the time you can safely flip and catch a 50 pound Kettlebell you’ve most likely mastered the basic training fundamentals for your juggling progression. You’ve countlessly dropped 25 and 35 pound kettlebells in your efforts to figure out specific moves and transitions, and you’ve learned to stay focused in your training since the first time that a 20 pound Kettlebell grazed your calf. But, chances are, if you can do 10 simple flips with a 50 pound kettlebell then you can also perform more complex techniques with those same 25 and 35 pound Kettlebells you were dropping in the beginning.

Using lighter Kettlebells to learn more complicated movements will increase all of your toss and catch capabilities, so will applying your mastery of simple juggling movements to heavier kettlebells and getting them to work just the same.

That’s how I teach… and my students flip 100 pound kettlebells like I do!

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