Kettlebell Training Does Get Easier

As interest in Kettlebell Training has grown in Central VT, I have had the benefit of witnessing the people around me grow astonishingly strong. It’s not that Kettlebell Training is the only way to achieve astonishing strength, it’s just that it has been the easiest way for a lot of people who haven’t had success with weight training, and it will most likely continue to be a valuable device and training program for centuries to come.

The greatest benefit in training with Kettlebells is that once you’ve learned how to properly apply the technique the movements become smooth and extremely efficient. The flow of movement created by a seasoned Kettlebell lifter appears to seamlessly power itself, which makes the lifting process even more graceful and enjoyable, and allows for a safer training experience every time. This seemingly effortless practice is the result of a lot of time spent focusing on movement specifics, and a whole lot of repetitions put in…

When your getting beat up by incorrect technique how can you expect any training practice to produce healthy results? For me, Kettlebell Training is like practice for when I’m stronger than I am right now, not an exploitation of my current physical ability; that’s why I post videos of other people performing amazing things, and that is why I encourage you to find sources of inspiration in your own Kettlebell training practice. For instance, for the past few years I have been using videos of Ivan Denisov’s lifting to inspire me in my practice. If you want to see someone make it look easy watch the first and last minute of this video…

It was reading about Denisov on a blog translated into broken English that led me to look as deeply into Kettlebell Training as I have, and it is this depth of view that has allowed me to discover a world of education and resource. Here, in the development of Kettlebell programing and the achievements of Kettlebell Lifters, I have molded myself into the student and instructor that I am now, and it is here that I find more inspiration and more resource for continued education. In fact, some day I hope to train with coaches like this, Fedor Fuglev, if you wonder why go to 2:04 of this video and watch him work..

In learning from such experienced coaches, I hope to consume more information about conveying the aspects of Kettlebell Training that increase overall lifting performance, and how generations of Kettlebell Lifters continue to reach levels of ability not realized by most. In this, I will work to deliver more to you and everyone else that is interested in building a high level of strength and fitness at a low risk of complication.

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