Scout Fit

A few days ago I finished with 3 weeks of ROOTS School’s Scout Classes. These classes are designed to present participants with the knowledge of how to protect themselves, the people they care about, and the place where they live.

In these 3 weeks one of my roles was to teach students how to apply full body awareness and exercise regiments to a low tech, highly active environment. Students learned body work and simple resistance techniques to strengthen movements such as crawling over various terrain, moving slowly for extended periods of time, entering and exiting water silently, and carrying themselves through various situations that present high physical demands. At the end of it all we’re all exhausted.

I suggest these classes to anyone who would like to see just how far they can push themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and structurally. I know that each year we run Scout I end up with a deeper understanding for how durable I am and an increased trust in the abilities that I train everyday. I can’t help but credit this skill set with making me the person that I am today and am constantly grateful to have an avenue and platform  to practice such an integral part of my life. Thank you to everyone involved in making Scout Class possible, I can’t wait to do it again.

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