Seated Kettlebell Press Techniques

A few weeks ago I had more than a few instances where people mentioned seated weight lifting to me in the context of training regiments, from the perspectives of leg injuries making standing lifts difficult, but also out of simple curiosity. Personally, I can say that I have always been fascinated by seated lifts and I find that performing a sizable Kettlebell Press without the ability to push straight into the ground through your legs is highly beneficial to your ability to understand how to achieve maximal compression in compromised positions. Although I am yet to make this a regular practice of mine I’ve definitely done my share of experimenting with the benefits of pressing from different seated positions. Mostly I’ve looked at stools, chairs, and sitting on the floor with crossed, straight, or spread legs. Maybe when I’m a little older I’ll be on this Level…

Notice his feet wrapped around the chair, note that the chair is made of metal. Many a wooden seat has creaked and broken under that sort of tension, so be careful if you try this out. Other than that, experiment with it with only one Kettlebell until you naturally progress to using two. Keep all of the tension components of the Kettlebell Press in mind and don’t accept reps that you know are too sloppy to count, it’s certainly safer that way. And for the flexible, and non flexible alike, I offer you this classic Kettlebell Lifting Photo. Have fun with that one if you can. Enjoy!

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