The Guy To Seek When You’re Feeling Weak

Some time ago I took myself through a marketing program that asked me to create a catchy slogan for North Country Kettlebells. It was supposed to be witty and to play on the core vision for my services. The slogan that I can up with for myself was, “The Guy To Seek When You’re Feeling Weak”.

This slogan never did stick, although I moved on from it with the sentiment in my heart, I’d also scrawled the slogan on the cover of the notebook that I was using for the program. Recently I came back across this notebook, prompting me to reevaluate the validity in phrase.

I thought to myself, “What was I actually like before I started lifting kettlebells?” “How did I feel?” And, as I thought back on this, I remembered how often I would get overpowered and out muscled in physical competitions. I came back to times of feeling like I was physically outmatched or that a task was too much to handle… cinder blocks being kind of hard to carry and this sort of thing. Looking back I realized that a major reason for my starting to lift Kettlebells was that I wanted to feel strong because, up to that point, I never really had. Maybe I would have never said that I felt “weak” but I certainly hadn’t felt strong in comparison to the people who I thought possessed actual strength.

These days I do feel physically capable, and not only am I fairly pleased with my strength level, but I’d go as far as saying on a daily basis I do feel physically strong. This makes me take an even deeper look into that old slogan and though I won’t say that I am “The Guy To Seek When You’re Feeling Weak”, because I’d rather not support that kind of self-deprecation, I will say that I am, and am happy to be, “The Guy Who’s On To Help You Get Strong” and that is a claim I am happy to stand by.

So if you’re feeling like you could use a little more power in your day to day, or that you’d like to see yourself as being a bit more durable or even more capable physically, then give me a call or shoot me an email but don’t wait too long, I’ll be your guy who is on to help get you strong.

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