The Kettlebell Snatch

First off, let me say that the Snatch performed with a 32kg Kettlebell for high repetition is my most coveted aspiration. To me, there is no other exercise that better displays a practitioner’s ability and understanding of technique than the high repetition, heavy weight Kettlebell Snatch. To quote record holder Valery Fedorenko, the most difficult part of the heavy snatch is “staying with that weight pushing hard against your hands for so long (being) hard on your body and mind. Your mind begins to think of all kinds of reasons why you should stop.”

Another of my favorite champions is Ivan Denisov, who is the absolute record holder in all exercises in Kettlebell competition: 175 reps in the jerk, 210 in the snatch, and 116 reps in the long cycle(clean and jerk); done for 10 minutes each. In all of the research that I’ve done on Kettlebell lifting watching Denisov’s competition videos are the most inspiring that I’ve found. I recommend checking both of these guys out.

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