Abdul Mujib

“When I established North Country Kettlebells in 2008 it was as a way to teach my friends proper Kettlebell technique. Since then I’ve led an effort, through personalized training and group classes, to train as many individuals as I can in the fundamentals of Kettlebell Training and Progressive Personal Fitness. It is my passion to work with individuals of all ages, experience levels, and physical orientations.”

Mujib, Ph:802.438.1017


“This opportunity to share what I’ve learned from Kettlebells and to see others benefit in similar ways is nothing short of a dream come true! I am dedicated to training folks of all ages, gender identities, abilities and income levels.  Self-Identified Indigenous folks are welcome to train with me free of cost and I operate a generous sliding scale to keep my services accessible to those who would otherwise not be able to afford training.”

Aliza, Ph: 802-595-3578