Vermonster Kettlebell Challenge

On the weekend of August 25-26th, Green Mountain CrossFit, at The Confluence, is hosting their 1st CrossFit Competition/Obstacle Race and have invited NCK to host a Kettlebell Challenge on the second day of the event, August 26th.

The Kettlebell Challenge should yield more than a few competitors with a wide range of experience. Since it’s designed as an event to showcase Kettlebell lifters ability as well as be a lighthearted challenge for those interested in competition, participants will be judged strictly on safety of technique. The categories for the Kettlebell Challenge are meant to mimic an actual Sport competition and most likely won’t count towards official GS rankings.

Categories include:

  • Snatch- 1o min. 1 Hand Switch. Maximum Repetitions
  • Rack To Overhead- 10 min. 1 Hand Switch. Maximum Repetitions
  • Juggling Exhibition- 5 Min. 3 Drops Maximum

I am very much looking forward to this, I feel like it will be a wonderful opportunity for people to witness the abilities earned through proper training with Kettlebells. I hope to see you there!

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