Video: NCK Kettlebell Group Training Class

This is a video of a selected group of local Kettlebell lifters whom I’ve trained at various levels over the past 5 years. The group was selected to show the diversity of body types that easily adapt to Kettlebell Training, the video was shot, by my good friend Brad Salon, to showcase the increases of ability that are inherent in proper Kettlebell Lifting. I hope that you can understand the practice that has gone into each movement performed and can appreciate the level of strength that the average Kettlebell lifter is able to poses when technique becomes the primary focus. Enjoy Thoroughly!

If you do enjoy this video then head over to the Training Photos & Videos page to check out a few others, as well as some cool photos from a clinic we ran in April ’12. -AM

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2 Responses to Video: NCK Kettlebell Group Training Class

  1. Kettelbell man,

    I like your website I found you on the Root School website. I am a primitive skills person and I really like kettle bells, yoga and mma. I am always looking for new kettelbell information. I have another totally random question how is the Root Schools “Ancient Scout Class”?



  2. mujib says:

    Thanks for your interest in this website, I hope that you find the information as helpful as I intend it to be.
    In regards to ROOTS’ Ancient Scout, it’s one of the most challenging, edge pushing classes that I’ve been involved in and I would recommend it to anyone interested.
    Keep Checking Back,

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