Youth Kettlebell Lifter

First, I’d like to point out that there is no strength, size, or ability requirement to begin training with Kettlebells- we all have to start from somewhere. As you may or may not know, I am definitely a proponent of perfect Kettlebell Lifting form and would not post a video showcasing ability if it failed to demonstrate a solid technique. I’m pretty sure that this video will speak for itself.

Granted the Kettlebell weighs about 18lbs- and the girl is 11 years old- but she Snatches that piece of steel 212 times in 10 minutes. To me this is a healthy demonstration of youth weight lifting, as well as the capability and capacity derived from proper lifting technique. At no point does this girl’s form break down, nor does she ever make it look too difficult- also at no point is she in danger of injury.

Watch a bit of this next video for contrast. This is an adult, not the same girl years later, but she is snatching the same weight, for half the time. It is obvious that the 11 year old has had a more thorough training experience, and I won’t down play the adult’s ability gained through her training, but I will let these two videos demonstrate the difference between perfect and less than perfect form. Enjoy!

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